Insect Screens

Insect Screens

Insect Screens are a truly liberating product for your home. Throw open your windows and doors, safe in the knowledge that these screens will keep out flies, wasps, spiders, etc, whilst allowing a wonderful breeze to pass through your home by clever positioning of two or more screens.

Product Range

Our Insect Screens range from window, door, and velux screens, while our large executive screens can span exterior openings. These Screens create a barrier from the outside while still allowing plenty of fresh air in.

Visionary Blinds can supply your screens in the standard UPVC frame colours, or if you want the frame to be a specific colour, no problem at all, just provide us with the RAL colour of your original frames and we will match the colour, thus making the screen look part of the original structure and almost out of site when not in use.

Motorised insect screens

Available both inside and out, our product range of insect screens have everything you need to enjoy the summer without flies or other pests getting in the way of your enjoyment. This great product is basically a cassette roller that operates by gliding through rails until they reach a locking catch. To unlock, just release the catch and the screen will glide back to the open position. Choose from standard or soft close system. Check out our recent installations on our blog page.

Commercial Screens

Screen Door systems are available for commercial properties such as Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs or Nursing Homes, where you may wish to have your external kitchen doors open to release some heat, but still comply with Health Regulations. Visionary Blinds has a wide choice of Insect Screens available to cover all your window and door screen needs. Our strong Fly Screen Mesh is versatile and suitable for many openings, alongside our wide choice of frames - a great solution to help you keep your cool in the kitchen!

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