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Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds by Visionary Blinds - the Perfect solution to your Window Blind requirements. They are fabulously versatile, therefore you can install them in a variety of situations.
Whether it's in a bathroom for their amazing space saving capabilities, a patio door to allow opening and closing without the blinds swinging around, or a tilt-and-turn window where you are limited with the space available, perfect-fit blinds can fulfil all of your needs.

Perfect Fit Blinds Options

Visionary Blinds can supply Aluminium or Wooden Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, or Pleated Blinds using this system. The Frames come in various colours to match your existing double glazed frames. Frame colours include White, Dark Brown, Golden Oak, Mahogany, and now Anthracite.

space saving blinds

If you don't want to lose your window sills, then Perfect Fit Blinds are an excellent option. These Frames attach to the existing double glazed Units of your windows and do not encroach on your sills at all, meaning you can still have your ornaments or plants on view without losing your privacy.

tool free installation

Our Perfect Fit Blinds attached to a Patio Door is a great idea too. Because they are attached by screwless brackets to the door, which means your Double Glazing Frames are not damaged in the slightest. Using Perfect Fit Blinds on doors are the right solution as they move with the door when it is opened. You don't have to move the blinds out of the way, just because you want to go outside. Simply open the door and the blinds travel with it, without any clattering around or swinging fabrics, as they are held within the Perfect Fit Frame, making them the PERFECT solution.

Allow our engineers to supply and Install your Perfect Fit for your next Window Blinds. Each room feel so much larger, and there is no screwing either,

Call us now on 07802496800, or use our handy Enquiry Form to contact us. With FREE measuring, FREE quotations, and FREE installation you have got nothing to lose.

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