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Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds Installation

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds Installation

Today we have completed the installation of a beautiful Conservatory’s Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds. We are already getting great reports back from our customer of the Product’s great insulation properties. Not to mention the stunning new look of their Conservatory.

thermal protection

Every window was fitted with Pleated Window Blinds in a Perfect Fit Frame so that maximum thermal protection could be gained from the installation. We used a Pleated Blind fabric with Thermal properties that can keep out the sun during the hot days whilst blocking out the cold during the winter. This product was installed via a Perfect Fit Frame to attach it to each individual window.

Perfect Fit Frames are great for windows or Patio Doors as they go with the door/window when it is opened, without swishing around. A Perfect Fit Frame combines effortlessly with most existing Conservatory frameworks. By matching your frames, it makes our installation almost invisible to the eye, therefore blending in with it’s surroundings.

The feedback we have already received from the customer is very positive. The Conservatory was already a room that they used a lot, but during the winter months the room could be a little chilly. Not now though I am told. The customer has confirmed the increased warmth since the installation last week. When we returned today, the only problem the customer now faced was whether to open or close the Blinds during the day as they looked so good! With a garden as beautiful as theirs I think the garden will win, but we are very pleased to know that our Blinds come a close second.

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