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Blinds Awnings Insect Screens & Shutters

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Now that the hot weather of summer is finally on it’s way, it’s time to think about New Blinds Awnings Insect Screens and Plantation Shutters. Call Visionary Blinds today on 07802496800.














Patio Awnings

Patio Awnings enhance the appearance of any property, by adding both comfort and beauty to your home. First of all, Awnings can be operated Manually or Motorised, and come in various options, including open cassette, half cassette or full cassette. Second, there are many colours to choose from, including plains and stripes. Third, you can have your Awning in many sizes. As a result they can cover most patio areas with ease, and also shade most windows and doors no matter what the size.

Insect Screens

Insect Screens are just amazing. You can finally open up your windows and doors again, without the nuisance of flies, spiders and wasps getting in, therefore allowing just a cool breeze to pass through your house. Perfect for those hot summer days. A stylish addition to your patio, with nice cool air to sit under while you enjoy the summertime with family and friends.

Plantation Shutters

Their appearance is simply stunning, hence why they are such a popular choice. Be the envy of your neighbours with these wonderful Blinds. Plantation Shutters come in a wide array of colours, styles, materials, and frames, so there’s something for every shape of window or door. Your home will have a beautiful appearance both inside and out. You will add value to your home by this wonderful addition to your rooms, making these not only a smart choice, but also a profitable one too.

Window Blinds

Here at Visionary Blinds we have every kind of Window Blind that you would like for your home.

We have everything you would need to make your home beautiful, so give us a call today.

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internal shutters

Our Latest Plantation Shutter Installation

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Take a look at our latest Plantation Shutter Installation.

tier on tier plantation shutters

We fitted a Tier on Tier system onto a bedroom window in Sheffield recently. The use of Tier on Tier in a bedroom is a very versatile solution as you can operate the top half of the Blinds independently of the lower half. This is a great idea if you require privacy from the lower Blinds, but want to allow the maximum amount of light from the upper half.

Internal Shutters offer plenty of light during the day, and they can shut out the light when needed. They are visually stunning in any home and can be installed into most window and door areas. At night time they offer total privacy, and can help keep out the cold that can come from the windows.

Bedroom options include a Blackout Blind that can be incorporated into the Frame of the Plantation Shutters therefore making this style Blind an even better solution when, for example, you may be on shift work, or just want a nice long lie-in on a Sunday morning.

Call Visionary Blinds today on 08702496800 for more information.

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Plantation Shutter

Stunning Plantation Shutters

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We were very proud of this Stunning Plantation Shutters installation. A stone built house with very uneven walls, made it a very tricky installation. We made lots of measurements as always to ensure we found the exact sizes required for the neatest possible installation.

a tricky installation

The walls were so far out that they would leave a very big area to fill in which we felt would be a little untidy. So we made the decision to make the shutters slightly too big on the width, which allowed us to cut into the plaster and mount the frame within the new width. this greatly reduced the walls defect and made for a stunning finish.

matching beauty

The window sills had a very deep recess which was perfect for the panels, as they framed the window wonderfully. The Plantation Shutters were made from a light wood grain pattern, which offered both light and style to the room. The customer’s room already had wooden furniture in it, and the colour chosen matched it perfectly.

The resulting finish, I’m sure you’ll agree, looks amazing. Completely in keeping with the style of the house, it made a great addition to the home both inside and out. The effect was truly beautiful, whether the shutters were covering the windows, or opened back into the recess. The shutters themselves became the “feature wall” of the room, and all eyes were on them when one entered the room. We were very proud of this Stunning Plantation Shutters installation, and the customer was over the moon.

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