Due to their minimalist designs, vertical blinds seamlessly blend with small and large windows. Operated by the band on the side, these blinds can be rotated and adjusted as needed to block out light and ensure privacy. You can pull them back into a neat stack and keep your Windows open when not in use. Vertical blinds, thus, are a practical choice for many homeowners. If you’re looking for vertical blinds in Sheffield, contact professional suppliers.

What are the different types of vertical blinds?

Panel blinds

Panel blinds have wide strips of fabric that can be rotated to allow sunlight into the room, and ensure privacy when closed. Due to the large louvres, installing panel vertical blinds can provide more privacy in the room than traditional blinds.

Privacy sheers

This type of vertical blind consists of two layers: a front sheer layer and an opaque back layer. The sheers filter light and softly enter the home, keeping the room’s privacy intact.

Where should you install vertical Blinds in your home?


With vertical blinds on the kitchen windows, you can easily reflect light in any direction of the kitchen. It makes the space look bright and airy and gives an unobstructed view of the outside. You can use PVC material for the vertical blinds, especially when you are installing them in the kitchen. This allows you to clean the blinds easily.

Dining rooms

Vertical blinds are stylish and practical options. Installing vertical blinds in the windows of your dining room can create a beautiful and sophisticated ambience. These blinds are especially perfect if you have tall windows.


Are you unable to sit in your conservatory because of the sun’s glare? Installing vertical blinds is the most feasible option to keep the insides of the conservatory cool and eliminate the scorching rays of the sun. You can also install cordless vertical blinds if you have children and pets at home.

Apart from these rooms, you can also plan to install vertical blinds in your bedroom and bay windows. They are great at giving you complete control over the light flow in the house. Contact Visionary Blinds for a range of vertical blind options. We are a professional blinds supplier based in Sheffield. Contact us for more details.